What About Us ?


The story began in the 80's, not on a random beach, but on THE beach, lulled by the sound of the waves hitting the coral reef, the time when lobsters and koki boners were not strangers in the lagoon, "the spot" to be, Pointe d'Esny.

Several decades later, encounters and experiences later, a passion for graphics and fashion combined with a desire to "do something" for the environment led to the birth of the Kreol Republic.

The Creole culture for inspiration, the French humor for signature, the Mauritian know-how for the making and the nomadism for open-mindedness, The Kreol Republic is an adventure itself.

Keep a forever fun & young mindset, take care of people and your planet and never stop exploring !


Today, more than ever, we think that circular economy is one of the main key answer to environmental issues. We, as garment maker have a responsibility and a role to play in this crucial challenge.

Everybody knows that textile is one of the most polluting industry as billions of tons of garments are produced every year in the world and despite the efforts of many stakeholders, we are far to have a green industry. But clothes are definitely part of our life ! And even when we are not fashion addicts, its necessary to cloth up and besides, our wardrobe is also part of our identity..

That's why, at The Kreol Republic, we want to offer you an alternative with environmentally friendly products.

We want to help reduce the ecological footprint of our clothes by promoting short circuits but not only. Our commitment to using up-cycled and recycled materials for our collections is part of the same eco-responsible approach. Indeed, mainly all of our products are made from the recycling of surplus commodities produced but not used for international retailers. For a majority of them, the weaving of the fabric is made locally. This both ensures good quality raw materials  and contributes to local economic development. Thus, the quality of the raw materials and local production allow the manufacture of products with high added value and at very competitive prices. We are also happy to inform you that the packaging of our products is entirely made from recycled paper.

FYI :) It's a challenge to build up consistent collections when you don't produce your own fabric with the right color, the right construction, the right weight in the right quantities ! We have to adapt our whole production, to what we are lucky/happy to find out, all over the island. It is also a challenge for our manufacturing partners as, trust us, it's an hassle to produce micro quantities with different fabrics, weights & construction ! We count on your support and understanding whenever a garment is not exactly 100% the same than the one your pal bought 3 months ago ! Indeed the color or the composition may vary from one production to another! Not happy ?! No worries.. Stay cool and message us, we will always be happy to help.

Up-cycling does not contradict with the assurance of offering you ethic, qualitative and durable products. Our motivation for a greener alternative to offer you, combined with the Mauritian know-how inherited of the last glorious decades of textile production should only lead to cool garments and happy customers! Our range of suppliers are only micro and small companies. In an increasingly industrialized environment and fierce overseas competition, many sewing workshops are suffering from the decline in orders. This is why the company clearly shows its desire to support local crafts by allowing these local sewing workshops to continue their activities. Buying products labeled "The Kreol Republic" is the pride of wearing 100% Mauritian made clothing and contributing to a sustainable economic development of the country. Last but not least, we will keep on working for greener products and any idea to share with us is more than welcome!

Wear the change, Be the change.